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A simple libglademm application

This article is a walk through for creating a simple application using gtkmm and libglademm. I've chosen a simple calculator as the application, since it is easy to write the logic behind it, and I can concentrate on explaining the user interface parts.

How-To: Make performance monitor variables work

From the rest of this site you'll probably realise that Linux is my preferred operating system. I'm paid to write software for Windows, however. When writing applications for Windows - especially those without any user interface as many of mine are - the Performance monitor application is quite useful. This can be found under Administrative Tools/Performance in the Control Panel.

Jeffrey Richter has a useful article on adding your own variables, but sadly there's a few drawbacks with his sample code. Since I spent ages trying to fix one of them, and couldn't find anything else on the web about it, I'll document that one here.

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