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Media PC Software

Read on for a detailed description of how I configured my MediaPC to be a Media PC, using Kubuntu Dapper (6.06) and MythTV 0.19.

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My Media PC

I decided I wanted a living room PC. I wanted this to play DVDs, record TV, etc like a normal Media Centre PC, but also to be able to proxy my PS2 console onto the wireless network so I can play online, and also be able to chat online/browse the web/check email while watching TV.

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Bash Browser

Unannotated and unformatted, this is a one-liner that can fetch a file via HTTP (assuming no authentication or proxying is needed). It was written to show that a basic Linux From Scratch system does include all you need to do this, since all you need is bash.

It is presented here as an example of how bash's tcp socket handling can be used. As written, it'll download links-2.1pre1 for you, then you'll have a real browser to go download new things with.

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